(A) Vector Files: all vector files must be in AI or EPS format, in Adobe Illustrator version CS or under, or CorelDraw.
(B) Bitmap Files: all bitmap files must be in EPS, JPG format, which could be Adobe Photoshop version CS or under, with resolution greater than 300 DPI in the original size.


Artwork must be in Pantone spot colors. There are a finite number of cloisonne pigments available. We will do our best to duplicate your color specifications. PMS color matching is available at no additional charge for most of our processes.SIZE REQUIREMENTS
2 Sizes are required:
(a) Actual size with black and white line art
(b) Enlarge 300% color artwork with Pantone color numbers.



Please measure your artwork or sample both vertically and horizontally. Measure from top to bottom and left to right. The longest measurement is the one that you should use. When requesting a quote, please also specify any special attachments or processes to be used.



At the 300% enlarge artwork, all fonts in vector file must be converted to path. (In Adobe Illustrator, go to menu and under Type, selcect Create Outlines).
The most commonly preferred font for artwork is sans-serif font. For example: ARIAL, HELVETICA, VERDANA, and GENEVA.


1). Metal Process (Lapel Pins/Crest/Insignias):
We require black and white line art along with color filled art and a PMS color code. Black lines should represent raised metal partitions. White areas designate where color is to be placed, or recessed metal areas. All color filled areas should be enclosed completely by black lines.
2). Multi-Color Process/Photo Printing Process:
– Full color art is required.
– For vector digital files, all fonts must be converted to path.
– For bitmap files, resolution must be more than 600 dpi at 100% of size. 3).Laser Engraving (Key Holders/Key Tags):
– Black & White art

Submitting Art via Disk or E-mail:
Recomanded Computer Software:
– Adobe Illustrator CS or earlier version
– Adobe Photoshop CS or earlier version
– Freehand MX or earlier version
– Corel Draw 11.0 or earlier version


Please proof read everything and check for any typos, colors, size, etc. Your approval indicates that you have checked everything for accuracy and the art is approved as-is.


We will also duplicate your existing sample without artwork, assuming no changes in the existing sample. If camera ready line art is unavailable, we will prepare the necessary art. Any changes made after art is approved will be charged a minimum fee or actual time involved, whichever is greater.