Protective Items

Below are some additional Wellness Items. Help protect your customers and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Custom Social Distancing Labels

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Cotton Knit Face Mask

W/ Antimicrobial Treatment

Disposable Face Masks

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Medical Face Shields

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Disposable Medical Gown

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Plastic Face Shields

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Disposable N95 Masks

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Cleaning and Sanitizing Items
Featuring Antimicrobial Solutions

Protect your staff, and customers with long lasting wellness solutions that are proven

Germ Barriers Antimicrobial Solution

GB 200D Concentrate
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Germ Barriers DS-19

Industrial Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer

What makes Antimicrobial different from other disinfectants and sanitizers?


The triclosan-free antimicrobial liquid hand soap keeps your family safe from bacteria for hours while keeping them away from triclosan which was banned by the FDA in September 2017.


The unique solution causes microbes to be drawn to nano-spikes where they are pierced on contact, physically (not chemically) destroying the cell wall. Antimicrobial products does the job mechanically, it is environmentally friendly, with no harmful chemicals released into the environment.


Our alcohol-free hand sanitizer & wipes moisturize and condition the skin while killing 99.9% of illness causing germs for hours.

See Electrostatic Spraying In Action!

See Lexus of Greenwich apply antimicrobial solution to a car coming off lease. The solution removed nearly all of the germs, as well as odors from the vehicle.
Offered in coordination with KCSF