Epola (Semi Cloisonné) Pins

Epola is also known as Imitation Cloisonné, Semi Cloisonné or Imitation Hard Enamel. Epola Process, either in Die Stuck Brass or Die Cast Zinc, uses brilliant colored resin in the recessed areas, which allows for PMS color matching. It reveals a glassy smooth finish. Die Cast Zinc Epola can add cut-outs. When intricate detail or reproduction of a logo is essential, screen printing may also be added.

Cloisonné Lapel Pins

Cloisonné is an art that was developed over 6,000 years ago in China. Each design is stamped into metal, plated and the recessed areas are filled with cloisonné paste then hard fired and hand polished until perfectly smooth. A beautiful glass-like finish makes Cloisonné the first choice for those who require the very finest items. When intricate details are essential, screen printing may be added.

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Die Struck Brass Soft Enamel has the same thickness as Cloisonné and Epola. The recessed areas are hand-filled with brilliant enamel colors and can be PMS color matched.

Die Cast Zinc Enamel lapel pin has the same look as Die Struck Brass Enamel but is more cost effective and another advantage is no additional cost for inside holes or cutouts.

Photo Etched Lapel Pins

Photo Etched Enamel Lapel Pins use rich vibrant colors and is great at showing fine detail.

This process will make any logo or design come to life and can be PMS color matched.
Silkscreen colors can also be added to enhance those extra fine details. An epoxy dome can be added without extra charge.

Offset Printed Lapel Pins

Offset Printing is the perfect alternative when the enamel filled process is not compatible with the design. It enables us to create exact reproduction of your artwork. The printing is done directly on the metal. The material can be brass, aluminum, or stainless steel, and can be plated with gold or nickel. An epoxy dome is normally applied to ensure a durable and glossy finish.

Silk Screen Printed on Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

Silk Screen Printing; Colors are either silk screened or pad printed on plated or color filled pieces

Zinc Alloy Injection Molded Lapel Pins

Zinc Alloy Enjection molded items can be simple lapel pins to sophisticated multi function pins, medallions, keychains etc. Hot liquid molten alloy is injected into a mold. Injection molding is recommended for products larger than 2" in length, and for lapel pins or keychains that have numerous cutouts. Zinc alloy injection is a great substitute material to brass. The recessed areas are hand-filled with brilliant enamel colors and can be PMS color matched.

Express Stock Shape Photo Printed Lapel Pins

Photo Paper Printing is an exact reproduction of the artwork with no modifications. An epoxy dome will be added for protection. We offer 5-7 day Express Service on our stock shape. Are you looking for custom enamel pins for an event, but have run out of time? This is the next best alternative. Our Express Stock shape custom made lapel pins are high quality lapel, and long lasting, and available very fast!

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