Our Promise To You

We manufacture outstanding quality products, at a fair and competitive prices with fast and realistic lead times. Absolutely no gimmicks, games, or trickery. Just honest business practices.

What sets us apart from our main competition? Quality, Honesty & Integrity

With manufacturing roots back to the 1970s & 80s, we have earned our place as a leader in our target markets. Sharp focuses on providing the highest quality promotional products, that complement the company brand image and quality.

We don’t play games!

No Scheming: We will never trick and trap our customers into long-term onerous agreements for which you never contracted.

No Trash Talking: We will never purposely demean a competitor or customer. Our product quality, delivery times, and customer service will simply speak for itself.

No hidden fees on our invoices!

We will never charge “administration fees”, “other charges”, “surcharges”, or other bogus fees designed to simply increase the invoice amount.  If you are buying product from another company, check your invoice to make sure there are no hidden fees like “surcharges”.  If you see one, add that to the unit cost, because that is what you are paying.

No crazy production overruns

For custom manufactured product, it is industry practice to have an over/under run of <5% for certain items.  We have heard horrific stories from many companies being charged 30-40% overrun!  This simply put, is a trick to increase the order size without approval.  This should never happen, especially on items that are engraved or printed.  Don’t put up with suppliers that increase their sales volume by tricking you.

No automatic unauthorized orders

“Autoship” is not a word in our vocabulary.  We will always get prior approval before manufacturing your product.  We will never ship product to our customers they never ordered.  Its just wrong, and it puts a bad name on our industry!  Don’t put up with it!

We don’t overcharge for shipping

The unit cost is the unit cost.  Shipping is the shipping.  We don’t treat shipping as a profit center.  Want to use your own carrier?  No problem, just let us know.  Want to collect product at our California Headquarters, and use your own drivers or courier?  No problem… you can arrange to pick up your order, just let us know ahead of time.

No "free trial" promotions to trick you into contracts

We want to be your forever vendor, and we will never use tactics described above to get your business.  We know once you order from us, you will always order from us.

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