Faraday bag for key fob with credit card slot and key ring

faraday bag with key fob protector, credit card protector and key ring

The faraday bag for key fobs with a credit card slot and key ring is an essential tool for businesses in the automotive industry. It effectively protects key fobs from being cloned, therefore ensuring the security of vehicles on dealer lots, rental companies, and repair shops, as well as for the end buyer who takes it home. In addition the faraday bag works to safeguard credit cards from being scanned with RFID readers giving an added benefit to the end-user and ensuring your logo is seen for years to come.

With its large logo area, it can be customized with your company information, making it an excellent promotional merchandise for car dealerships, rental agencies, and repair shops.

Available in two sizes which will fit all current key fob styles including extra large like Jeep

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Key Fob Faraday Bag Details

Available in different materials and colors.
Protects credit card, key card, and or key fob.
Available in multiple sizes, or completely custom.
Large imprint area for company logo and contact info.
Great for car dealers, fleets, and end users

Frequently asked Questions

Do Faraday key fob bags work?

Absolutely! Faraday bags and pouches while completely sealed block radio signals from being sent and received by a device. These signals include RFID, bluetooth, Wifi, NFC, Cell, GPS, etc.

How can business like car dealers benefit from using Faraday bags?

Automotive businesses such as car dealerships and fleet managers often handle multiple key fobs for vehicles equipped with keyless entry systems. By utilizing Faraday bags, they can ensure the security of these key fobs, preventing unauthorized access or cloning attempts. This not only protects their valuable inventory but also gives their customers peace of mind knowing their vehicles are secure. Additionally, using Faraday bags can help businesses comply with data protection regulations by safeguarding sensitive information stored on the device.

Do I need a Faraday bag for my car keys?

Faraday bags are an effective tool against car thieves. Many car are being stolen by thieves using a remote cloning tool. They can use a antenna and clone a car remote from outside the house.

How does a Faraday bag protect a key fob, credit card or key card?

Faraday bag utilizes a specialized material that blocks electromagnetic signals, effectively preventing unauthorized access to the key fob and any credit card information stored within it. By placing the key fob inside the bag, the signals are contained and cannot be intercepted or cloned by potential thieves.

Can a Faraday bag be used for other purposes besides key fobs?

Absolutely. While primarily designed for key fobs with credit card slots and key rings, Faraday bags can also be used to protect other small electronic devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, and RFID cards. The bag acts as a shield, isolating the devices from external electromagnetic signals and maintaining their security.

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