GermBarriers 200D Antimicrobial Solution

GermBarriers 200D Antimicrobial Solution Concentrate


GermBarriers 200 is a heavy duty, deodorizing one-step disinfectant/cleaner BZK solution that is virucidal and bactericidal. It kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, plus mold and mildew on contact. Our GermBarriers 200D Antimicrobial Solution is a water solution of a stabilized organosilane antimicrobial agent and disinfectant that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The world’s first patented water-based, durable, non-toxic, relatively safe, and non-flammable, non-leaching and non-migrating (after it is bound), odorless and colorless disinfectant and microbiostatic agent, that can be used to clean and disinfect poultry and animal care, agriculture, industrial and institutional facilities, including food and animal processing plants. In addition, 200D is a one-step disinfectant and antimicrobial cleaner for hospitals, schools and homes.

This product is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a disinfectant and microbiostatic agent. GermBarriers 200D is found to be effective against highly pathogenic Avian Influenza A (H5N1) virus, MRSA, & Fungicidal Efficacy against Trychophyton Mentagrophytes, (based on completed and certified tests results by a GLP independent lab), in addition to other non-health related organisms, such as bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus that may cause odor, stain, discoloration and deterioration of the treated product. Once properly applied, the active ingredient forms a protective and invisible layer on the surface and becomes an integral part of the surface.

The water-based antimicrobial products provide residual protection against deterioration, stains and odors caused by fungi (mold and mildew), bacteria and algae. These products can be used on almost any surface and are tailored for consumer packaged goods and remediation as effective, user-friendly, end-use products.

Download the GermBarriers 200 Concentrate SDS

Download the GermBarriers 200 RTU (Ready To Use) SDS

How Does It Work?
GermBarriers 200 is a unique, patented, superior water-based cleaner/disinfectant that forms a continuous bacteriostatic and fungistatic physical barrier on surfaces. This barrier is durable and long lasting. The GermBarriers barrier kills germs and bacteria physically and completely, both immediately and over a long period of time.

The Concentrate and Ready-to-Use finished formulations are unique, wide spectrum EPA registered disinfectants that have long lasting efficacy on an extensive range of surfaces. Their patented compositions involve four quats, molecularly bound, with a silicon-based formulation that provides for adhesive durability . Testing has shown that such formulations provide for surface durability in the kill of infectious bacteria and inhibit virus replication for weeks or more.

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Key Features:

• Organically water based and safe for all water systems
• Eco-friendly and Human friendly antimicrobial solution
• Bonds with fabric, porous and non-porous surfaces
• Kills immediately upon contacts with single application
• Simple and fast to apply
• Does not need a lengthy curing period

GermBarriers 200 can be sprayed in rooms of most any size efficiently and effectively with our electrostatic sprayer. The sprayer imparts a positive electrostatic charge to the solution causing it to adhere to all exposed surfaces. An average size room can be treated and protected in minutes.

The Ready-to-Use GermBarriers 200 solution can be sprayed from the 32 oz hand sprayer on all surfaced that are high touch, such as door nobs, tables and chairs, TV remotes, kitchen counters and equipment, and bathroom surfaces and faucets, and electronic equipment and telephones. The positively charged ions will disinfect the surfaces by binding to the negatively charged membranes of germs to break down their outer cell walls or inhibit replication, and the silicon base will provide residual efficacy for hours and days. The sprayed solution should be allowed to dry and not be wiped off.

GermBarriers 200 is ideally suited for medical, institutional, commercial and residential applications.

EPA Reg No. 75174-9-96850
EPA Est. No. 48520-CT-002

Package Options:
32oz bottles with measurement tool on the side of the bottle.

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