Electrostatic Industrial Sprayer

Hurricane II Electrostatic Sprayer

Perfect for Sanitizing vehicles coming in for service, or coming off lease. Effectively eliminate germs and odors from a vehicle’s interior.

This safe and effective technology electrically charges and creates an ionic air field around a 3-nozzle system. Atomized liquid is then directed through this field to achieve an electrically charged spray cloud that is propelled into the air seeking out the target and uniformly wrapping it with spray droplets. The entire unit is constructed of chemically resistant materials and weighs just 7.5 lbs

Hurricane Portable Electrostatic Aerosol Applicator Sprayers when paired with our Antimicrobial Solution offer easy and quick whole room sanitation. The nozzle of the Electrostatic Fogger transmits a positive charge to the antimicrobial solution causing the solution to be attracted to negatively charged surfaces like opposite sides of a magnet. This ensures an even and thorough disinfection to all surfaces, even those hidden from view.

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**Limited Availability** Due to the current Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak, there is a shortage of availability on all sanitizing product and other wellness items. At this time, product is manufactured to order. Please send a quote request for current availability and estimated shipping times.

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