Top 10 Promotional Product Ideas for Car Dealers, Sharp Performance, License plate frames keychains and other promos

Top 10 Promotional Product Ideas for Car Dealers in 2024

Top 10 Promotional Product Ideas for Car Dealers, Sharp Performance, License plate frames keychains and other promos

Branding dealerships is no easy task. As experts in the field for over 35 years, we know the topic well. We will show you a comprehensive list of the top 10 promotional product ideas for car dealers for effectively branding your dealership in 2024

Promotional products for car dealerships are a definitive key to their success. They can be utilized to advertise the dealership, sales representatives, and even special events or sponsorships. For decades, the auto business has capitalized from using "dealer swag" to entice new consumers and keep existing ones. When it comes time to buy a vehicle both new and old customers alike will go to the dealer they know best. Using branded dealer items keeps your name and brand at the forefront of their minds.


What if your dealership doesn't give out promotional items? Easy, many salespeople choose to advertise themselves. Just branding a dealership doesn't help salespeople in the long run because they don't always stay at the same location. If you hand out promotional items with your mobile phone number on them, customers will know how to contact you in case you leave and switch dealerships.


Infographic, Automotive Promos High ROI

1. Custom Keychains:

A time-tested promotional product that is ideal for auto dealers. Offer customized keychains bearing the name, web address, phone number, and even QR codes for your dealership. One of the most popular promotional items for branding car dealerships is the keychain. Some reasons why custom dealer keychains are the number 1 promotional item for dealers are:

  • Affordability: Keychains are reasonably priced and may be personalized to meet the branding requirements of a car dealership.
  • Durability: Keychains are portable and strong, making them perfect for sustained brand exposure.
  • Usefulness: People use keychains every day. Even with the new "remote" style key FOBs a large number of people still have a keychain attached, either to their FOB or with their other keys. Every time they are used, they raise brand awareness.
  • Flexibility: Custom Keychains may be made in a wide range of styles, sizes, material, with the dealership or brand logo and information on it, enabling auto dealerships to develop distinctive keychains that reflect the brand.

Generally speaking, keychains are a successful promotional tool for auto dealers trying to boost their brand recognition and customer retention

2. License plate frames:

Custom dealer license plate frames are a highly effective way to promote your dealership. They are essentially moving billboards with your dealership information and logo information driving around your target market all day every day. Here are some reasons why a car dealership might choose to use custom license plate frames:

  • Branding: Custom license plate frames can help increase brand recognition and awareness for the dealership. By displaying the dealership's name or logo on the frames, other drivers on the road will see the dealership's branding and potentially become more familiar with the dealership.
  • Advertising: License plate frames can also serve as a form of advertising for the dealership. If the frames are eye-catching or unique, other drivers may be more likely to take notice and remember the dealership. This can help attract new customers to the dealership.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Providing customers with custom license plate frames can be a small gesture that shows the dealership values their business. This can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Overall, custom dealer license plate frames can be a cost-effective way for car dealerships to improve their branding, advertising, and customer satisfaction.

3. Custom Dealer License Plate Inserts:

Car dealers use custom license plates and inserts for branding purposes. It is a cost-effective way to promote their business and create brand awareness. Custom license plates and inserts also help the dealerships stand out from the competition and give them a professional look. Additionally, they can be used as a marketing tool to showcase special promotions or events that the dealership is hosting. Overall, custom license plates and inserts are an excellent way for car dealerships to increase their visibility and build their brand.

There are many different types of custom license plates and inserts such as.

  • High end Aluminum License Plates: These are made of similar metal to actual license plates.
  • Premium Plastic Thick Front Plates: Perfect for states that don't use a front license plate. They will remain on the cars longer.
  • License Plate Card Inserts: These thin plastic ad inserts are made in various colors and often have a full color logo.

Regardless of which type you go with, while the cars are on the lot they should have some form of dealer branded ad insert.

4. Branded Dealer apparel:

The most trending item in this category is Custom Socks. These are a perfect promotional item for dealers that customers actually use and love. While you are in the branded apparel category, dealers also use hats, polo shirts, dress shirts, jackets and hats. These can be used as a promotional tool or for dressing the employee teams while promoting the dealership brand.

5. Dealership Signage:

Car dealers should use banners, backdrops, flags, and signs as part of their advertising and marketing strategy to promote their business, products, services, and special offers.

Some of the specific occasions when car dealers would use banners and signs include:

  • New Model Launch - Car dealerships tend to promote new car models with banners and signs to attract customers and entice them to visit the showroom.
  • Sales Events - Car dealerships often hold sales events, such as clearance sales, seasonal sales, or end-of-year sales. Banners and signs with bold graphics and messages can help catch the attention of potential customers.
  • Special Offers - Dealerships may offer financing options, rebate programs, or other incentives to encourage car buyers. Banners and signs can highlight these offers and draw attention to them.
  • Trade Shows - Car dealerships may participate in trade shows or car expos to showcase their products and services. Banners and signs can be an effective way to attract visitors to their exhibit and communicate their message.
  • Promoting Brand Awareness - Car dealerships want their brand to be recognized and remembered by potential customers. Using banners and signs with their logo and branding messages is a cost-effective method to enhance brand awareness.
  • Directional and Entrance Signage - Tell your customers and service customers where to go efficiently and effectively with a branded directional signs.

Custom Socks

6. Custom Logo Bags:

Tote bags are a huge hit as a dealer giveaway item. Give customers a branded tote bag to carry their new car paperwork and other belongings. They will later use it as a beach bag or grocery bag. The nicer quality you give them, the more often they will use it.

Another trending promotional bag that is becoming popular again is fanny packs! Yes, that's what I said... fanny packs! Other bags such as backpacks or sling bags remain popular as well and still function as a great tool in helping promote brand awareness and custom loyalty.

7. Tech Gear:

Whether it's power banks, charging cables, bluetooth speakers or QI charging stations, tech gear is a growing category for auto dealers. These items have become everyday products that get used at home, work, or school and become a billboard for dealers to showcase their brand. A relatively inexpensive option is a charging cable with Type C, IOS and Micro USB options. These have been especially popular with car dealers to give out with new car sales because several car brands only have USB Type C. This allows the customer to still be able to charge regardless of what connection type they have.

Custom Drinkware

8. Drinkware:

Promotional drinkware can range from high-end travel mugs to one-time-use disposable water bottles and everything in between. Whichever route you take they are a fantastic option to showcase a dealer's logo, other brand information, or both, and give the customer a practical gift that they can actually put to use.

  • Practical: Water bottles are practical items that people use daily, especially when they are on the go. As car dealerships often offer test drives and other events that require customers to be outside, providing them with a water bottle can be a thoughtful gesture.
  • Brand exposure: By including their brand logo and information on the drinkware, car dealerships can increase their brand exposure. The more a potential customer sees the brand, the more likely they are to remember it.
  • Environmentally-friendly: Providing reusable water bottles instead of disposable ones can demonstrate that the dealership cares about the environment. By aligning with a positive cause, the dealership can improve its public image.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to other promotional items, drinkware items such as coffee mugs or tumblers get used daily. When considering your cost per impression...these are hard to beat as they tend to stick around longer and get used more often than items in other categories.
  • Customer appreciation: A small gesture such as providing a custom water bottle can make customers feel appreciated and valued. It can also create a positive association with the dealership, leading to increased sales, repeat business, and brand awareness.

9. Safety Items:

Another great promotional category for auto dealers is the safety category. Products can range from complete safety kits with safety reflectors, jumper cables and tools down to multi-tools with seatbelt cutters, glass breakers and more. Regardless of the specific item chosen for a dealer's specific needs, it's a great way to show current and future customers that you take safety and their well-being seriously. While these types of items may not have everyday usage, when the time comes and they have the right tool for the job...they'll definitely remember where it came from and it will leave a positive sentiment towards that brand.

Custom Logo Safety Items



10. Outdoor Items:

Custom Logo Outdoor Items have become increasingly popular as of late. This can include umbrellas, blankets, coolers, and more.
Dealers using items that crossover into the "lifestyle" category gain much more recognition as these items tend to get used
more often. While they do tend to come with a slightly higher on average price point, these items get used for years to come
and the higher quality reflects directly back on the dealers that use them.



Need help with your dealer branding project? Just call, and we will take you through every step of the way.

NADA 2018

Despite an obvious lower attendance due to the storms back east, NADA 2018 has already proven to be a success for Sharp Performance!

March 2, 2018

Sharp Performance USA is a leading manufacturer of promotional gifts specializing in auto dealers and has manufacturing roots dating back to the early 1970s.  Sharp focuses on providing the highest quality promotional products to compliment our clients’ brand image and quality. We don’t play games to get business, we simply focus on consistently providing the best quality product, at highly competitive prices, with fast and reasonable lead times. Our specialty is branding our clients so they can focus on what they do best, sell and service vehicles.

NADA 2018
Dale Daniels of Reynolds Ford

The weather back east was a huge issue this year and due to this, show traffic was noticeably light. We even had issues getting our own people here from the CT office. Regardless of attendance, we would consider this years show to be a success. Just three days after the show, we have had an increase of inbound product inquiries of 500% over the previous year. We haven’t even had time to follow up on our new outbound leads, which is a great temporary problem to have.

NADA is always a fantastic opportunity for us to not only meet new potential clients, but to also meet our most treasured long term clients / friends. Many of our clients have had the same people handling their account for 25-30 years!

Learn about our promise, and what makes us different from our main competition

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Sharp Performance USA Expands Sales Force in California and Connecticut!

May, 2015

Sharp Performance USA Inc is pleased to announce that the Sales Force in California and Connecticut has been increased to ensure our customers are serviced in a very efficient manner. Utilizing state of the art technology means real time communication between all Sharp Staff, no matter where they are located continues. Potential and existing customers should feel free to contact either office

Sharp Performance & Medo Co join forces

In April 2015 the owners of Medo Co decided to merge the Company’s US operations and businesses, including Pin Factory, into Sharp Performance USA Inc. There already existed common ownership between the two companies and the resultant entity entitled Sharp Performance USA Inc, brings significant operational efficiencies going forward.

Sharp Performance Has Expanded West!

August, 2012

To provide our customers with even greater world class service, we relocated our headquarters from Norwalk Connecticut to Irwindale, California. We will continue to have an office presence on the East Coast, and now offer extended customer service hours (8:30am-8:00pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday-Friday). Effective January 1, 2013, our Headquarter mailing address is: Sharp Performance USA Inc 16029 Arrow Highway, Suite D Irwindale, CA 91706 USA

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